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You have access to the technology you need to meet cute girls in nearly any area of the world. But dating apps only work when you know what you’re doing which most guys don’t which is why they sign up and then quickly give up. So let’s cover the most effective ways to use Tinder.

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13 thoughts on “Tinder "HACKS" | Double Your Matches TODAY

  • Yeah it would be nice to use this if Tinder didn’t block my profile because of political bullshit. Fuck dating apps they are dead. Just an avenue for women to get Instagram followers and I will never follow them on Instagram because that is beta male nonsense

  • Summary of a 6 minute video:
    1. Women on dating apps are as superficial as men are (looks, looks, looks)
    2. If you are ugly you are as good as out of the game, unless you take professional (!) pictures of yourself
    3. Still no matches? Spend more time on dating apps (1h plus a day) … [which is a total waste of time btw]
    4. Fake that you are important by only messaging within a fixed time window every day
    5. Don't use selfies!
    6. Don't even start swiping without professionally taken pictures (e.g. hire a wedding photographer)

    Better not simp for women! Work on yourself first!

  • Hold up for a sec! You don't necessarily HAVE TO hire a pro photographer, (do you guys have any idea, how expensive that shit is?), It's more than enough if you know someone who owns a DSLR camera and knows how to take good pictures. I took the pictures for some of my colleagues/friends for their dating profile, my dudes got their dates 🙂
    Pro tip: If you decide to go out for a photoshoot, bring MULTIPLE clothes

  • I recently started following on friday and been making changes to my dating profiles. I'm actually very surprise how much of a difference i'm getting with no only my matches but my responses when i send my opening messages

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