Be Proactive Not Reactive & How To Handle Approach Anxiety

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Cold approaching a girl, especially when she’s with a group, is the biggest challenge most guys have when it comes to dating. So let’s go over a mindset that will help you be less emotional and more in the moment when approaching a girl and when to bring in the rest of the group.

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6 thoughts on “Be Proactive Not Reactive & How To Handle Approach Anxiety

  • Love the idea of getting comfortable with the uncomfortable, great advice! T this is the kind of mindset that allows us to grow. Giving less power to women by no longer measuring your value or worth based on how women react to your approach, and placing less weight on the approach outcome, allows you to be more present in the moment and actually start enjoying these interactions with women. -Emma

  • the beauty of pickup is that the girl you approach could be a big part of your life, and you need to view approaching as a huge opportunity and not a challenge… that chick could be in your bed that same night, 2 days from now, or your next gf

  • Yesterday I watched a movie called ‘Heat’ starring Robert DeNiro & Al Pacino. It was interesting to note in the scene were the DeNiro character scored this woman some 20 years younger than him, whilst being reactive, showing absolutely no charisma, no charm, barely any smile, no building tension (as thought in TrippAdvice), no escalation and absolutely uninteresting conversation, just bombarding with questions – yes the interview mode! They sleep together that same night, and on the second date she was even prepared to go with him to New Zealand. Now what are the chances of that happening in real life?

  • Notice for all viewers here, all girls are not the same in each country or place, most time they have different mindsets and perceptions, know that first, don't look creepy with a 3-second rule too!!!

  • Just a quick thought about approaching a girl in a group. If they're standing together, talking, ect., It's in your best interest to open the whole group altogether, otherwise you might get cockblocked. Meanwhile you need to be aware of their body language. Are they letting you in the "circle", are they smiling, are they comfortable with you there?

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