3 Ways to Escape the Friendzone | Get Out of the Friendzone FAST

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31 thoughts on “3 Ways to Escape the Friendzone | Get Out of the Friendzone FAST

  • So Zeus, I'm a bit out of shape and I'd like to start working out before changing my IG and maybe purchasing the course. Should I do that or I can get the course even if I'm fat?

  • Man this video is so great. I'll follow these steps later down, going to be in the situation where the lady is unknown because a friend he's going to introduce me supposed to be to her in December don't know what she look like don't know her age and I heard that she's coming from another country so I'm 50-50 on it. So I will follow these steps after if works out.

  • This took me a while to get in my head, but I am now more than ok with being friendzoned, because I've come to realize that the girl(s) I liked were just not ideal for me. I am now more focused on self-improvement, not so much focused on any one girl.

  • Are these three easy ways to really get out of the friend zone I mean are they easy ways to get out of their friends on or are they complicated and I don't get out much I live at home with my parents I can't drive because I cannot judge how far away something I have no job I can't get a job either I do however have a crush on this girl she's my best friend we have been friends for about 4 years it will be 4 years this April but sadly she has a boyfriend she met him a couple of beers after her and I became friends we met over the Xbox in 2017 we've never met in person and it seems like she immediately friendzoned me we are 10 years apart in age difference I'm 35 years old so is there anything I can do or should I just give up on ever finding love ever being happy I mean I don't drive I can't drive I don't work you don't have a place of my own no job of my own her and I live in different states and I am not allowed on dating sites because I got on one back in 2018 and my mom messaged me and said that my messages were going to her phone she pays for my phone she helped set my phone up because I don't know how

  • A Stipulation: what if she's not into getting in another relationship because of a bad previous one?
    Also, what if (theoretically) I want to get to know her better before making moves on her. And/or I am uncomfortable with (sudden) physical contact?

  • Yeah, all that is okay and all, but the best way to not be in the friendzone is TO NOT APPROACH IN THE FIRST PLACE! 😂 What I mean is, I've stopped cold-approaching 2 years ago so I can instead focus on racking up money, status and resources which will in turn, p r o b a b l y, scream high value. 6 years of cold-approaching women starting from my mid teens didn't reap any results, so why waste anymore energy on something that's obviously not for me?🤷🏻‍♂️ I'll try again in my 30s, if I fail again, I'm done for good.

  • It's just like the pull away technique. Show her that you have other important things in your life. That way your attraction level will go up and she'll be more enthusiastic to talk to you.

  • I feel like that's kinda cap. I just make sure I'm that fucking good I put them in friendzone and tease them so they marinate incase I change my mind

  • Hey Zeus, you should make a video on "how to score on women without getting #me too". Its very easy for women today to #me too a guy she is not interested in. Just an idea. Keep up the great work on the videos👍

  • To feel the need to show off an artificially enhanced summary of your 'best' moments in life on a website (instagram) which uses your date for usermanipulation, is really pathetic, just be convincing with your personality, show interest and have a cool independent life to share stories (in person). Unfortunately this becomes more and more an idealistic point of view. Instagram isn't a good representation of a persons character (and often not even the physical appearance). Have a nice day and thanks for reading (of course you can disagree, there are different point of views)

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